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In the State Senate, Karen Tallian has been a leader in making our criminal justice system more fair and efficient. She has introduced legislation that would dramatically reduce Indiana’s incarcerated population by decriminalizing marijuana and reforming the bail system. As Attorney General, she will continue to lead on policies reducing the state’s incarceration rate. Reductions in the prison population may lead to Indiana being less dependent on private prisons, where more than 15% of Indiana’s prison population is currently held, the 9th highest rate in the country.7

Karen will also work with law enforcement around the state to establish best practices and focus grant money to departments that participate. For example, the Griffith Police Department has seen impressive results by having a social worker on staff who, among other things, leads trainings on sexual assault, addiction, and mental health issues. Violent crime in Griffith has dropped by about 50% in the first year of having their social worker on staff.8 Using these innovative ideas, Karen will prioritize issues like combating domestic violence, which accounts for more than 15% of all violent crime.9 Working with partners across the state, we can give victims the support they need, increase awareness, work with law enforcement on prevention, and ensure that cases are prosecuted timely and correctly. Working with stakeholders, we can also improve awareness and understanding of the Jake Laird Red Flag law, which can be critical to protecting women in domestic violence situations.

From being a vocal supporter of Comprehensive Hate Crimes Legislation to fighting back against RFRA, Karen Tallian has always fought against all forms of discrimination. As Attorney General, she will work to make the 2019 Hate Crimes law stronger and ensure that those who commit hate crimes are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

More than 400,000 Hoosiers have gained access to health insurance 1 since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, yet Attorney General Curtis Hill is leading a partisan fight in federal courts that, if successful, would threaten health coverage for hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers.

If AG Hill’s political crusade against health care is successful

  • 2.8 million Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or arthritis, could be denied coverage2
  • 50,000 young adults in Indiana could lose access to health coverage via their parents’ plan3
  • Hoosier women could be charged more than men for the same coverage4
  • Indiana’s rural hospitals would be at-risk of closing as more people would become uninsured5
  • Hoosiers could face expensive cost-sharing for preventive services like cancer screenings6

Indiana needs an attorney general who will fight to protect the interests of Hoosiers, not make health care costlier and more complicated. As attorney general, Karen Tallian will end the political attacks on health care and will join a coalition of state attorneys general working to protect our care from those who wish to dismantle it.

Karen will also put a renewed priority on the Medicaid Fraud division, increasing it’s resources to ensure that patients and taxpayers are not being taken advantage of.

The Attorney General should be the Citizens’ Advocate. As State Senator, Karen Tallian has always worked to protect consumers such as when she led the way to create the Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Program to help Hoosiers keep their homes. As Attorney General, she will prioritize fighting against Robocalls and related scams, going after Medicaid Fraud, and giving Hoosiers a more straightforward way to report fraud and abuse including corruption in local government.

Blue and Red states alike have made major improvements to their marijuana laws, realizing it is key to proving healthcare options and making a more just and fair criminal justice system. Unfortunately, Indiana still lags way behind. As Attorney General, Karen Tallian will work with the legislature, where she has championed these bills for years, to give Hoosiers the option to use medical marijuana. She also believes that it is time to decriminalize possession of cannibis. Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears lead the way, and it looks like Lake County is following right behind. Our police need to focus resources on violent crime. Karen Tallian has been a leader on marijuana reform for over a decade and will fight to make progress on the issue as Attorney General.

As the 2020 census and subsequent 2021 redistricting process plays out, it is essential that we have an Attorney General who will fight for everyone to be properly counted, and that the legislature draws fair maps. Having an active Attorney General will provide critical balance in the process.

In the State Senate, Karen has fought to deal with payroll fraud and employee misclassification for several sessions. However, it has been a struggle to even get a reporting mechanism in place so that we know just how widespread this problem has become. As Attorney General, she will create a division specifically for Payroll Fraud and employee misclassification to ensure that our workers are being paid what they are owed and that the payroll taxes are being collected properly.10

Indiana has also seen workers disregarded in cases like the recent Amazon worker death that was reportedly changed by the state in hopes of landing Amazon’s second headquarters. We need an Attorney General who will ensure that workers and worker safety is prioritized, not ignored.

In the State Senate, Karen Tallian has been an advocate for protecting Lake Michigan, it’s shoreline, and the Indiana Dunes. As Attorney General, she will always work to protect our natural resources and public lands, go after polluters who break the law, and ensure that Hoosiers can report bad actors.

Of course, we want to protect health care for all Hoosiers. But Women’s Health deserves a special category. Women have specific needs with regard to contraception, family planning, care during pregnancy, and maternal mortality at childbirth. Statistically, women also are more often the care providers for young infants and young children.

Over the past 15 years in the Senate, Karen Tallian has been a vocal advocate for women on these issues. Karen has always believed in a woman’s right to choose, and has been a leader on that issue. Karen has also filed bills for

  • To require health insurance sold in Indiana to provide no-cost contraception coverage
  • To institute an Indiana program for Family Medical Leave
  • To require that women be given science-based information regarding abortion
  • To reinstate Indiana’s contract with Planned Parenthood

As a member of the Senate finance committee, she has fought to ensure proper funding for services to women to have access to maternity care and decrease our infant mortality rate.


Indiana should use our financial resources to improving the health of Hoosiers. We should not be spending millions of dollars to bring or defend unconstitutional laws.